Tyler Burnworth, Master of Arts in Fiction Writing


Tyler was born in Ohio, where he spent his formative years in a small village known to the local yokels as Oak Harbor. Although they say Ohio is for lovers, Tyler met his wife Lydia in Las Vegas, where they have marked their territory with two kids, two dogs and binge-athons of Cops and The Walking Dead for the past eleven years.

Tyler's inspiration is drawn from stories that matter, that punch the gut and bleed emotion out of the audience, regardless of the medium. To name a few: The Star Wars films, The Walking Dead television show, the Invincible comic series, punk/metal music bands like Silverstein, Beartooth, Our Last Night, and so much more.

Tyler's origin story begins in the United States Air Force and takes off with his life after service to this great country. After washing out of Pararescue, Tyler unwillingly developed an affinity for grease as an aircraft mechanic. It didn't take long to realize his brain was more geared toward storytelling than wrench turning. 

Tyler attended Southern New Hampshire University from 2013-2015, where he earned his M.A. in English and Creative Writing, specializing in Fiction Writing.

Fiction writing has been a deep passion for Tyler since he had first been so moved by great stories as a child. The writing that he does, whether it is short stories, novels, comic books or screenwriting, is always focused on recapturing those same childhood experiences. Tyler will always write chasing a sense of awe, wonder, fear and excitement in hopes of giving those same experiences back to the world.

Career Goals

Tyler's goals are listed below, complete with pictures, times and dates as applicable. They get pretty lofty toward the end, but we should all dream big, right?


Check back every once in a while and see how Tyler's career is progressing as he writes his way into something resembling relevancy in this fast-paced digital world!

Write a Short Story

I achieved this goal in 2013. The first short story I wrote was originally called "SAD." It went through several edits until it finally became A Question of Happiness. The story is a speculative look at one direction the world could take in the foreseeable future.

Write a Novel

While I have written a few novels over the years (the first three when I was seven years old!) I have not yet published any of them. My frustrations over novel writing were the original inspiration for me to go back to school, which led me to attend SNHU, where I earned my Master's Degree in Fiction Writing.

Write a Screenplay

What could be cooler than seeing your story on the big (or small) screen? I have a few screenplays for short films that I've written, but nothing that could be a major motion picture or a TV series. I have ideas for a lot of projects, but my main focus is currently split between comic books and novels.

Start a Publishing House

This came to fruition February of 2018, when my Lydia and I went into business together to start up BurnFiction, LTD. But you already knew that. I mean, you're here, right? That's what this is, a publishing house for comics, graphic novels and prose fiction. I'm proud and excited to have our family name on these stories. It's a dream come true!

Write a Comic Book

This came true on March 7, 2018. The first comic book I ever wrote, Finding Omega Issue #1, was released for sale on Burnfiction.com. It was a surreal feeling when I saw the digital file completed, and it was impacted a hundredfold when I held the print copies of in my hand. It was a ton of work by some talented people, and a lot of help from family and friends, but I finally did it, and I'm proud of what we were able to accomplish here at BurnFiction!

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