• Tyler E. C. Burnworth

The Hiatus

If you arrived here expecting to be viewing information on WoodNeck Universe, dont worry: you're still in the right place.

WoodNeck Universe is a vision for comics and graphic novels that is in its earliest iterations.

It was dreamed up and brought into existence by visionaries who have more ideas than finances at the moment, and so this brings us to the point of explanation.

WoodNeck Universe has entered a temporary hiatus. It has not gone away forever. Our comics are not balderdash scattered at your feet. They are still being worked on, written, drawn and colored. They will see the light of day by 2018.

So, introductions are in order. I'm Tyler Burnworth, and this website is my portfolio, my bookshelf, my store for all of my writing projects.

I will often put stories up here for free (ALL of my short stories are free, excepting those in compilations that I will publish through Amazon) and some cost a (doesn't have to be pretty) penny or two.

It is my pledge to you as a creative writer and a fan of most things Fiction, that I will provide you with high quality, original stories. If you find something worth talking about, feel free to leave a comment, drop a review on my Amazon author page, or even (gasp) buy a book or two.

I'm a creative writer, but the journey only starts here. The goal is to publish my writings, to fill holes in people's lives with great storytelling, exceptional characters, and situations that are worth experiencing.

I went to college. I've studied writing for over 15 years. I've written and failed and written and thrown away manuscripts. I've written things I don't want to share with the world. I've written and kept stories in the dark because I wasn't sure if it was good enough to impress you.

Now, after years of struggling against the blank page, fighting through plot, character development and every other dimension of storytelling, I'm ready.


Creative Writing from Alternate Dimensions.

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