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Finding Omega: Meet the Cast

Finding Omega issue #1 is well underway!

First off, I'd like to publicly thank my wife Lydia for her incredibly useful insights into the characters (she did a HUGE amount of work to create believable, realistic people for this story), and Austin Brooks for the artwork. He has been instrumental to this comic series, and he deserves a huge amount of recognition for his incredible effort and unflagging devotion to drawing Finding Omega!

Above you can see four of the key players in the story, and they are (from left to right): Ron, Tarissa, Ray and Lancer.

Can you tell which one is the villain? (Hint: look for the dastardly smirk)

The story of Finding Omega takes place in the year 6-089. No, that's not a typo, either. In the future, historians assign a huge importance to the millennia by changing the standard year format from 6,089 (six thousand eighty-nine) to 6-089 (sixth millennia, eighty-ninth year).

The Characters:

Ron Wall

"The only thing that can stop me is drowning in the fathoms of Thrasher blood I spill on my way to their king. I don't swim so good."

Ron is Ray's father, and the two have had a rocky relationship ever since the third wheel (Ray's mother, Ron's wife) walked out on them without so much as an explanation or a goodbye.

Ron is forced to try to make ends meet while looking after Ray on his own, ending his aspirations of one day joining the Pathfinders, a collective of scientists, engineers and explorers that chart unsettled star systems.

Ray Wall

"I can't wait till I'm a grown up. Then I can make my kid do all the stuff I don't wanna do."

Ray is an 8 year old boy who just wants to have a life. He's torn up about his mother's mysterious departure, and he's struggling to keep up in school. Ron's job as a ferryman, carting supplies to new settlements throughout the Echoplex sector of space, has him missing a lot of school and makes it hard to maintain friendships.

Tarissa Seely

"Look Dad, it's a drone! Can we keep it?"

Fiery in temperament but studied in high class social circles, Tarissa is a 10 year old girl who struggles to fit in with her peers. She is part of the Seely family, benefactors of her father's massive wealth as a high caliber lawman.

Tarissa's tough-as-nails grandfather has drawn a little tom boy out of her, which puts her at odds with the opulence that surrounds her daily life.

Lancer Deiro

"When you owe the universe a debt, it can only be paid in blood."

Leader of the infamous Thrash Brigade, public enemy number one. Ruling with his two pistols and a creepy black eye, Lancer has led his band of former ne'er-do-wells from a fledgling idea in a drunken bar fight to a full-up outfit of fortune hunters.

Those fortunes are shipped from capitol worlds like Vatican, home world of humanity, to the furthest reaches of the sector, where an intergalactic law enforcement presence has yet to be formed.

Lancer intends to expand the Thrash Brigade's territory over the entirety of Echoplex at any cost. Stuffing his ranks with child-soldiers is not beneath him.

And There's More...

These are just a few of the key players in the narrative arc of Finding Omega. Look to see the majority of them in issue #1, as well as several others, from all different walks of life, united by destiny as the winds of change sweep in and knock their lives all sorts of upside down.

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