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Finding Omega Kickstarter Funded!

Yipee ki yay mother (expletive)!

I am absolutely astounded at the incredible support Finding Omega has recieved on Kickstarter. Thank you to everyone who pledged funds, posted links on social media, and panhandled on street corners in downtown Las Vegas (ended up not being necessary) to get us to our goal!

I am humbled, to say the least.

I started this comic book idea over a year ago. At the time, there was no way to tell if it was going to be my pony in the race or another mess of crumpled papers that would disappear behind my desk (and eventually eaten by one of my toddlers) never to be seen again.

I've talked with Austin Brooks, the penciller for Finding Omega, quite a lot since we began this endeavor. The art and art direction for something like this is a huge undertaking, especially for a first-timer like myself. Austin has put out astonishing work in a short period of time, and he deserves a metric shit-tonne of praise for that.

I was overwhelmed at times, frustrated, and probably even threw a few bitch-fits. Each time, my wife Lydia was there to kick my ass up off the ground, sparing me the inglorious death of drowning in my tears. Tough love is still love, you know? I learned to feel that. Mostly from the bruises on my asscheeks, but later from genuine positivity.I could give Lydia a million compliments. She's been dissecting my writing, my story and characters like that crazy girl on The Walking Dead in Season 3; you know, the one that nailed a rat to the wall and peeled its skin off to poke around at its insides? Yeah, if that rat is Finding Omega (and my eviscerated ego), then Lydia's the one wielding the scalpel.It hurts so good, though. Intense, honest feedback like that is the only way to grow as a writer. I'm truly blessed.Working with Eugene Betivu has been a rewarding experience, too. His grasp of colors and digital artwork is the gilding that makes Finding Omega glisten in whatever overhead lighting by which you read it (or back-lit lighting in digital form). I'm incredibly grateful to have discovered and connected with Eugene, and look forward to seeing how he progresses as a premier colorist.

As an addendum to this long-winded emotional deluge, I really want to thank Mike Vosburg for his support, insights, and dinner at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention. Mike reached out to me on Linkedin a few months ago. It was a godsend, being able to connect with one of the industry's greats. I consider Mike a mentor and a friend, and I couldn't be more grateful for his help. The next time Lydia and I are in California, dinner's on us, Mike!

If you haven't heard of Finding Omega before, or if you're new to BurnFiction, check out some of my short stories. They're pretty terrible, but then again, you'll probably burn through them pretty quick.

Okay, enough bad jokes.

I was just a writer until now. I've become an author, and the journey has been one I'll never forget. One last thank you to everyone who helped me get here behind the scenes; Louise Scheve, Red, Will Belkofer, Ricky Samilton, and if I forgot anyone else, let me know (I can edit these posts, and for you, I will!).

All that being said, it's time for me and my team to get to work on issue 2. We'll be getting this thing on track for a monthly release cycle as soon as possible.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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