• Tyler E. C. Burnworth

BurnFiction, LTD.

BurnFiction is here!

After years of writing, planning, and building up enough capital to get things rolling, your newest indie publisher of all things fiction is here!

The flagship title is Finding Omega, an ongoing comic book series created by Tyler and Lydia Burnworth, illustrated by Austin Brooks and colored by Eugene Betivu.

We have another project in the mix right now, one that we are very excited about. It's going to be a webcomic that showcases what we're capable of when it comes to storytelling. Finding Omega will always be our main focus, but this untitled project is set to be released weekly.

Once we get these projects rolling out regularly, you will have both a weekly and monthly dose of great original comics to look forward to.

Tyler is working on some great things in the prose department as well. Word is he may be adding a short story or two to the free fiction section of the site!

Our goal here at BurnFiction is to flood the Earth with stories, comics and (possibly) other forms of media that will entertain and challenge you emotionally. We write character-based stories that always hit close to home, no matter how far out the premise might seem.

And that's just the magic of Science Fiction. We'll take you to the furthest reaches of space, forward and backward in time by thousands of years, and you'll still find characters who aren't all that different from you. Root for them, root against them, but above all else, read to find out what happens to them and how they adapt (or don't)!

Well, that's it as far as updates go, but there will be more information coming soon. And a big, big announcement looms on the horizon. So stick around for that!

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