• Tyler E. C. Burnworth

Spark in the Dark Launch Day


Spark in the Dark

Science Fiction/Horror Webcomic Series

Be sure to head on over to the LINE Webtoon site and search for SPARK IN THE DARK to start reading.

You can also download the app for Apple or Android devices and search for SPARK IN THE DARK.

Synopsis: Zeck and Melody are getting married, but those aren't fireworks in the background: Earth is burning. The fires don't stop there.

SiD is a survival/horror webcomic created by Tyler and Lydia Burnworth, drawn by Dinc Onur Aydin and colored by Eugene Betivu.

The first episode is available for FREE now on the LINE Webtoon platform. If you're new to Webtoon, you're missing out. The vertical art style is such an innovative and intuitive interface for mobile and web platforms. The artwork flows, and since there's no need to turn the page, scrolling actually benefits the flow of the art.

This unique style is a must-see! Follow us on social media and join the awesome Spark in the Dark community on Patreon for as little as $3/month. You'll get direct access to updates on the series directly from the writer, as well as some pretty cool perks.

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