• Tyler E. C. Burnworth

The Truth About Roswell

If you've ever heard about Roswell, you probably heard about the UFO crash that it's famous for.

Maybe you heard it was a flying saucer, or a weather balloon, or even that alien bodies were recovered from the crash site.

If you're like me, you wondered about it, but threw your hands up in the air and sighed, "The world may never know."

I was skeptical when a coworker recommended a book by investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen. "She's got the full story," he said.

I doubted him, but I was curious.

As I read the book, which is a combination of declassified CIA documents, facts and research based on interviews with current and former employees of the most secret military installation in the world, I was floored.

The origins of Area 51 are explicitly laid out with in-depth detail. From an abandoned plot of barren desert wasteland to the site of hundreds of nuclear bomb tests, experimental aircraft 50 years ahead of their time, and a culture of secrecy that has defined the Need To Know culture of the American Government Elite.

The conclusions drawn are shocking. Especially the inside scoop on what really happened at Roswell.

I don't want to spoil it, but let's just say the American government kept the truth a secret for a reason.

I can confidently recommend this as the most important and revelatory non-fiction book I've ever read.

Get it for yourself here.

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